Laives / Leifers - Via Kennedy / Kennedy Straße, 32

Ora / Auer - Truidn, 1

Welcome to the camping Markushof 50 + in South Tyrol, Ora on the Wine Road. The campsite is situated in the town centre of the wine village Ora. Lots of to shops, restaurants and cafes are close to the Markushof.

Cortaccia / Kurtatsch - Rio Largo / Breitbach, 9

This family-run campsite lies in a peaceful sunny location in the midst of green fruit fields in South Tyrol – an ideal setting for feeling good and keeping active. It offers modern sanitary facilities, a mini market, a children's playground and a large...

San Genesio / Jenesien - Flaaserstraße / Via Valas, 26/C

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