Restaurants Bolzano / Bozen and surroundings


Val Sarentino / Sarntal - Pennes di Dentro / Innerpens, 41

Penserhof Restaurant - Panoramic terrace - Rooms - Apartments For three generations, the Kemenater family has been looking after the well-being of their guests and is looking forward to welcoming and pampering you in the heart of the Sarntal valley.

Aldino / Aldein - Jochgrimm, 3

Welcome to Wastl's! Enjoy an aperitif on the sun terrace with a panoramic view, a creamy cappuccino or just an espresso at the bar. The kitchen team will spoil you with homemade pasta dishes, refined seasonal main dishes and fine desserts as well as homemade...

Soprabolzano / Oberbozen - Paese / Dorf, 1

From the terrace of the restaurant Post Victoria you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Dolomites, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The restaurant of the hotel Post Victoria is located in Soprabolzano.

Renon / Ritten - Monte di Mezzo / Mittelberg, 30

Collalbo / Klobenstein - Via Caminata / Kematerstraße, 29

On the ground floor of the former barn you will find a nice and rustic restaurant and Café with a paneled parlor and a big panoramic terrace. Thanks to our Tyrolean, Italian and international dishes and to a great choice of excellent wines.

Andriano / Andrian - via Mühlbach/Mühlbachstraße, 5a

Appiano - Via Plazer, 10

Alessandro and his wife Perla manage this little food heaven in the village of San Michele in Appiano sulla Strada del Vino. This small place is a destination for those longing to take a break from traditional dishes without forgetting quality and choice...

Val Sarentino / Sarntal - Pennes di Dentro / Innerpens, 56

Laives / Leifers - Via Kennedy / Kennedy Straße, 32

Cortaccia / Kurtatsch - Via Obergasse / Obergasse, 5a

Restaurant Terzer in Cortaccia: stylish ambience for your celebration. The Restaurant Terzer in Cortaccia awaits you with a stylish ambience and tasty menus. Whether you are in the region on business, enjoying holidays, are simply dropping by for afternoon...

San Genesio / Jenesien - Schrann, 9c

Welcome to the hotel and inn “Zum Hirschen”! In this restaurant you can feel particularly comfortable surrounded by pleasant hospitality Traditional South Tyrolean specialties and fine Mediterranean cuisine make for a delicious combination of north and...

Soprabolzano / Oberbozen - Lichtenstern, 8

The familiar atmosphere of the Restaurant on the Renon, the local hospitality and the culinary delights give you a homelike feeling from the first moment on. Stop for a bite to eat and feel comfortable in a house managed with great attention to detail. Family...

Terlano / Terlan - Via Principale / Hauptstraße, 13

San Genesio / Jenesien - Pichl, 15

Good taste has many facets - The cuisine of the Belvedere is – as with the entire food culture of South Tyrol – characterized by a mix of Alpine and Mediterranean tastes, but also by a passion for the genuine. Light and tasty dishes, prepared with fresh...

San Michele / St. Michael - Via Pigenoer / Pigenoerstraße, 25

The restaurant Stroblhof with its old vaults and the comfortable Stuben, will spoil you with regional-Mediterranean delicacies. As winery business there is of course a comprehensive wine-list with a main focus on South Tirol.

Anterivo / Altrei - Via Katharina Lanz / Katharina Lanz Str., 3

Mmmm, the aroma when Adele makes a fresh pot of coffee in the morning. A great holiday starts with a great breakfast! And mmmh, the aroma when Adele snips the fresh mountain and meadow herbs in the kitchen to cook up South Tyrolean specialities in the evening.

Collalbo / Klobenstein - Via Tann / Tannstraße, 19

Auna di Sopra / Oberinn - St. Leonhardstrasse, 1

Laives / Leifers - Via M. Gamper / M. Gamper Str., 2

The chef will spoil you with regional specialities and tasty recipes from the Italian cuisine. For over 20 years, chef Siggi daily pampers the guests with a huge variety of excellent dishes. On request, you can enjoy your meal also on one of the panoramic...

Lago di Caldaro / Kalterer See - S. Giuseppe al Lago / St. Josef am See, 28

The three most beautiful words for connoisseurs of good food are: Food is ready! And with us you can really look forward to it! Because in the Seeperle restaurant in Kaltern, when traditional South Tyrolean cuisine meets Mediterranean flair.

Pianizza di Sopra - Pianizza di Sopra / Oberplanitzing, 30

The Masatsch Café & Restaurant is an ideal place to go to escape the hurly burly of everyday life. Fresh, quality produce, seasonal and carefully prepared – this is the very personal recipe used by the chef to create a light business lunch or a successful...

Longomoso / Lengmoos - Longomoso / Lengmoos, 21

Salonetto / Schlaneid - Via Aschlerbach / Aschlerbach, 1

Montagna / Montan - Doladizza / Kalditsch, 3

Cornaiano / Girlan - Via Ronco / Runggweg, 26

Redagno / Radein - Via Redagno di Sopra / Oberradein, 59

Being at one with nature and enjoying the good things in life have always belonged together. The Zirmerhof's kitchen has always taken these two principles to heart. To be rooted to the soil and to use the best and freshest produce from our own farm; and in so...

Cortina / Kurtinig - Strada del Vino / Weinstraße, 7

The pizzeria and restaurant are waiting to welcome you after an adventurous day’s walking or cycling, offering a cosy place to meet and see out the day. Constantly conjuring up new menus, the head chef will tempt you with hearty fare. He prepares particular...

San Genesio / Jenesien - Montoppio / Nobls, 7

Bolzano / Bozen - Colle / Kohlern, 11

Terlano / Terlan - Via Principale / Hauptstraße, 42

Termeno / Tramin - Via Andreas Hofer / Andreas Hoferstr., 23

San Paolo / St. Pauls - Via San Paolo, 4

Cornaiano / Girlan - Via Belvedere / Marklhofweg, 7

Lago di Caldaro / Kalterer See - Strada del Vino / Weinstraße, 32

Soprabolzano / Oberbozen - Paese / Dorf, 4

The Restaurant-Pizzeria Babsi in Soprabolzano has been an important meeting place for both locals and visitors for about 26 years. Traditional South Tyrolean dishes such as ravioli with spinach and ricotta cheese, dumplings and traditional meat dishes are...

Vilpiano / Vilpian - Via Paese / Dorfstraße, 5

Terlano / Terlan - Chiusa / Klaus, 15

Magrè / Magreid - Favogna / Fennberg, 18

In our tipical inn you can find dishes of the south tyrolean tradition.

Sarentino / Sarnthein - Campolasta / Astfeld, 12

Frassineto / Verschneid - Via Kreuz / Kreuzweg, 6

Auna di Sotto / Unterinn - Paese / Dorf, 1

Termeno / Tramin - Sella / Söll, 33

Aldino / Aldein - Wildeich, 14

Aldino / Aldein - Lerch, 41

Along with simple and traditional dishes which are usually offered at alpine huts, like Goulash with Tyrolean speck dumplings, fried eggs with roasted potatoes or buckwheat dumplings, our menu sometimes also features modern and innovative culinary delights....

Longostagno / Lengstein - Paese / Dorf, 1

San Genesio / Jenesien - Via Avigna / Afingerweg, 18

Sarentino / Sarnthein - Viale Europa / Europastr., 55

Bolzano / Bozen - Corso Libertà / Freiheitsstraße, 117

Laives / Leifers - La Costa / Seit, 41

Meltina / Mölten - Via Meltina / Möltnerstr., 44

Castelvecchio / Altenburg - Castelvecchio / Altenburg, 2

Sarentino / Sarnthein - Piazza Chiesa / Kirchplatz, 3

Collalbo / Klobenstein - Via Tann / Tannstraße, 32

Redagno / Radein - Via Redagno di Sopra / Oberradein, 4

Val Sarentino / Sarntal - Prati / Auen, 19

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