Tourist Boards Bolzano / Bozen and surroundings


Meltina / Mölten - Via Meltina / Möltnerstraße, 1

The picturesque village of Meltina is set on the Montezoccolo/Tschögglberg, between Bolzano and Merano, in the heart of South Tyrol. To the south of the village is the plateau Salto/Salten, the most beautiful and sunny high plateau of the area, surrounded by...

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Ora / Auer - Piazza Principale / Hauptplatz, 5

Terlano / Terlan - P.zza Dott. Weiser / Dr. Weiser Platz, 2

The wine village of Terlan and its neighbouring villages Vilpian and Siebeneich (both part of the municipality of Terlan) is situated in the centre of the Etsch Valley, surrounded by vineyards and orchards at approximately 250 metres above sea level.

Bolzano / Bozen - Via Alto Adige / Südtiroler Str., 60

Known as the “Door to the Dolomites” and by now associated with the famous image of the bell tower standing against the Rosengarten group, Bolzano is a lively and friendly town. Situated at 265 metres above sea level, not distant from the Brenner Pass,...

Renon / Ritten - Dorfstraße, 5

Renon – where the sun always shines! At the very heart of South Tyrol, above the region’s capital city Bozen, reigns the high plateau of the Ritten mountain.

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Sarentino / Sarnthein - Piazza Chiesa 9

Discovering the Val Sarentino/Sarntal Valley means leaving behind all your preconcepts of the holiday destinations you know, and going on a journey into a unique natural world and an extraordinary natural landscape.

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Appiano - Via Stazione / Bahnhofstraße, 7

Eppan on the wine road is very famous for its castles, which are situated in different parts of its region. Eppan has the largest number of castles in Europe and so it becomes the perfect choice for a „Castle sightseeing" holiday.

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Aldino / Aldein - Paese / Dorf, 34

Enjoy your holiday, in villages situated between canyons, summits and valleys. Here you are surrounded by an incredibly varied fauna and flora breathing fresh mountain air and enjoying the sun. Hospitality and openness are main characteristics of the area,...

San Genesio / Jenesien - Schrann, 7

The lovely village of San Genesio/Jenesien is located at about 1,100 m and is easily reachable from Bolzano by car, but also by cable car. The plateau of Salten extends with open meadows reaching the holiday region of Merano. The village is nestled in an...

Caldaro - Piazza del Mercato / Marktplatz, 8

Kaltern is a wine-growing village that belongs to the most beautiful tourist destinations in South Tyrol. Lake Kaltern with its many special features, the village with its lively square and picturesque hamlets, and the surrounding landscape shaped by...

Termeno / Tramin - Via Mindelheimer / Mindelheimerstraße, 10a

The wide and slightly hilly vineyard landscape with the shades of cypress trees reflects the fragrance and colours of the South. Tramin, on the South Tyrolean Wine Road, the homeland of the famous Gewürztramin grape is marked by its people and the wonderful...

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